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DEVEBERE Project at Venice Bienalle by Maciej Siuda (image: Maciej Siuda)

7 DAYS OF GENIUS From March 5-13, 2016, 92Y launches a dynamic week-long look at the idea of genius: what it is, why it impacts and how genius can better the worldBlog  more


ECOWEEK and other 92Y partners around the globe host conversations, dialogues, debates, workshops and lectures about the nature of genius. During this week, ECOWEEK and its partners, is hosting 1-day events to explore the idea of design for social good, in Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece, Jerusalem in Israel, Bucharest in Romania, and Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzevovina.


How can genius designs and innovations address the challenges we face today and those we will face in the future? How these ideas can have a positive and lasting impact? How these ideas can be developed and implemented?


The 1-day ECOWEEK GENIUS day is an opportunity to share ideas, to connect creative people, to learn from each other and from the experts, and to network.

It involves presenting ideas, discussing and brainstorming on ideas, and then voting for the best idea.


Winning ideas will be promoted through the GENIUS media, will have the opportunity to SKYPE with a venture capitalist, and will earn a modest money prize, provided by ECOWEEK.


If you have a great design idea that can make a difference, then JOIN US!




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