This year ECOWEEK is celebrating its 15-year anniversary!

So, we intend to celebrate it with a series of online events and a virtual exhibition.

Then, in the summer of 2021, we will hold a very special one-week design-build hands-on event in Aegina, Greece!

Whether in virtual or physical workshops, at ECOWEEK students design and implement their ideas and develop their thinking

in sustainability. We even manage to implement many of these ideas in cities around the world!

Due to COVID-19, ECOWEEK responded with online ECOWEEK Challenge events. The first, was successfully launched in May 2020, and we are now inviting you to the second ECOWEEK Online Challenge in 2 - 4 October 2020.

With award-winning French architect Nicola Delon as the keynote speaker, with an impressive line-up of speakers from 15 countries - in collaboration with the EUNIC - EU cultural institutes, and with an online exhibition marking the 15-year activity and collaboration of ECOWEEK with professionals, students, institutions and public bodies around the world, we are expecting one of the most unique ECOWEEK online challenges this October!

For the past 15 years, ECOWEEK has developed outreach programs to more than 17 countries, making an impact in more than 30 cities. Through more than 200 sustainable design workshops, ECOWEEK has engaged more than 4000 students and professionals from 56 countries in sustainability training and practice. ECOWEEK design-build workshops have affected public spaces and institutions, and have empowered and engaged in the making, thousands of people!

Participants confirm that ECOWEEK conferences and sustainable design workshops have become for them a unique experience

and a turning point to their professional growth and career.

Join us in this very special ECOWEEK 15-year anniversary event!



ECOWEEK is a non-profit organization established in 2005

with the passion to change people's habits, and the mission to raise environmental awareness

and to promote the principles of social and environmental sustainability through design.

ECOWEEK is active in 17 countries with a network in 56 countries.

ECOWEEK is about training and education, networking and expanding horizons, knowledge and opportunities, with a special emphasis on circular economy, green buildings,

sustainable design, and placemaking.

ECOWEEK creates platforms of learning and doing, of initiating change in neighborhoods

and cities, and empowering young professionals. Through international conferences

and sustainable design workshops in cities around the world.


ECOWEEK brings together professionals and students of Architecture,

Design, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Planning,

Visual Communication and graphic deisgn, and other disciplines.

From what our past participants tell us,

the ECOWEEK experience is life-changing, eye-opening and empowering.


Join us!





15 years  15 voices  15+1 countries

FRANCE _____________________ BRAZIL ______ ROMANIA __________________ LITHUANIA _______GREECE

ITALY __________________ CZECH REPUBLIC ___________________ HUNGARY ___________ AUSTRIA ______ BELGIUM __GERMANY_________ POLAND _________ NETHERLANDS ______ ISRAEL ___ UK __________ TURKEY _____KOSOVO



exhibition students call-12.png



ECOWEEK has been active for 15 years on issues of sustainability and design around the world

and has created a network of over 5,000 people in 56 countries.

At a time when the planet is united in experiencing the pandemic of COVID-19,

we find ourselves physically separated, but still digitally connected.

Under these unusual circumstances ECOWEEK summarizes the first chapter of its activity over the past 15 years 

with its first online exhibition! This exhibition aims to spread the word of sustainability worldwide and, by exhibiting the workshop projects of students and young professionals, to thank its past participants and inspire visitors from around the world 

with creative and innovative ideas in sustainable design.  



All hours displayed are UTC/GMT+3 time zone (Athens, Greece time zone)

All sessions take place through virtual meeting platforms 

friday 2 october________________________

10 am ___ opening introduction

elias messinas ecoweek founding chairman & despoina kouinoglou ecoweek associate


eunic panel

moderator : elias messinas

10:30 - 11:30 ___ eunic panel I

Preserving the planet : How to reverse the trend? part I

Jonas Zukauskas and Jurga Daubaraite _ LI_ Forest Parts _  Neringa forest architecture 

Ulrike Schartner _ gaupenraub _ AU _ On the edge | Projects for fringe groups 

Nikos Mantzaris _ Ministry of Environment & Energy_  GR _ Trends in Greece's climate & energy policy |

A paradigm shift in the making 

Ran Avraham _  Ministry of Environmental Protection _ IL _ A thriving economy in a sustainable environment - Israel 2050

11:30 - 12:00 ___ q & a

moderator : elias messinas

12:00 - 12:45 ___ keynote lecture

The risk crisis: How to move beyond it

moderator : elias messinas

exhibition tour

curator : pavlos symianakis

12:45 - 13:15 ___ exhibition tour

pavlos symianakis & the ecoweek volunteers

virtual exhibition

13:15 - 13:45 ______________________BREAK (on your own)

ecoweek panel

moderator : sofia passia

13:45 - 16:00 ___ lectures

Preserving the planet : Making it (more) Circular and (more) Sustainable

Natalia Pantelidou _ Deputy Mayor at Municipality of Kalamaria _ GR _Kids and Public space

Nicolas Le Roux _ COTA760 _ BR_ An approach to urban design transformations in Latin America

Vivian Doumpa _ Stipo InCommon _ GR _ Interweaving circularity with placemaking;

a conceptual exploration with real-life experimentation

Maria Dalkafouki _ Dalkafouki Oikos E.P.E _ GR _ Buildings of the past, stories of today

Sophia Vyzoviti _ University of Thessaly _ GR _Shell Performativity as a Tool for Urban Action

eunic panel

moderator : elias messinas

16:00 - 17:15 ___ eunic panel II

Preserving the planet : How to reverse the trend? part I

Magor Csibi _ Trend_ RO _ The connection between human and nature behavior

Maria Carmela Frate _ Architetto_ IT _ The paradigm of sustainability in buildings

Dr. Andras Reith _ ABUD _HU _ E - CO - Housing case study and other projects

Emese Pancsa_ Compocity _ HU _ Sustainability education based on value propositions

Ing. Jaroslav Haimy Hyjanek _ Safari Park  Dvur Kralove _ CzR _ Let's save rhinos together

Maciej Siuda Pracownia _ PO _ The Dematerialization of Architecture

17:15 - 17:30 ___ q & a

moderator : elias messinas

17:30 - 17:45 _____________________BREAK (on your own)

18:00 ___conclusions

elias messinas ecoweek founding chairman & despoina kouinoglou ecoweek associate

dr. martin ladislau salamon, director of the romanian cultural institute

18:00 ______ workshops launch


saturday 3 october______________________

11 am ___ online workshops meeting

coordinator : vicky panagiotidou

during the day ___________ feedback

19:00 ___ online workshops meeting

coordinator : vicky panagiotidou

sunday 4 october_______________________

11 am ___ online workshops meeting

coordinator : vicky panagiotidou

during the day ___________ feedback

19:00 ___ workshops deadline

~submit workshop materials

19:30-20:00 ___presentations & closing

the ecoweek team









L E C T U R E S 

Join us for the livestream on the ECOWEEK Youtube Channel


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                                    LATE Registration (after 26/9) _______________________________ CLOSED
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Workshops suitable for students, young and established professionals in the disciplines of Architecture, Design, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Planning, Visual Communication and Graphic Design. Other professions may also join and experience working with these disciplines. Best for graduate or undergraduate students in second year on. Participation in the workshops requires a time commitment. Please allocate this time for yourself.