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For more copies please multiply amount.


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  • Pre-orders for limited time only.

  • Support the dissemination of sustainable, inspiring and innovative good practices from around the world.




SCHEDULE :       


Pre-order                       December 2015

Digital copy                    By February 2016 (projected)

Order hard copy           By June 2016 (projected)


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       Payable to : ECOWEEK - Ebdomada Oikologias

       Bank : ALPHA BANK

       Branch : Leoforos Dimokratias, Aegina, Greece

       Account : 161002002005988

       IBAN : GR27 0140 1610 1610 0200 2005 988


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With your order of the ECOWEEK The Book#1 you understand and accept the project description, timetables and terms. You agree that the ECOWEEK The Book#1 material received in any format or form, is material protected by copyright and distribution or reproduction is strictly forbidden. Posting or quoting excerpts or visuals from the ECOWEEK The Book#1 is strictly forbidden, unless you have obtained a written permission by writing to book [at] ecoweek.org.



With your order of the ECOWEEK The Book#1 you are entitled to one (1) signed copy of the book (unless you have purchased a larger quantity of copies). This payment does not include shipping costs. They will be charged by the distributor at the time of order of hard copy. 



A signed copy of the book means a hard copy that has been signed by one of the participating editors or authors. Signed copies will be issued only for pre-orders and distributed as instructed in this website.  We cannot guarantee that your copy will be signed by your preferred author. Copies will be randomly signed and distributed. Although the shippment of the book will be done professionally, in case a signed book is damaged during shippment, the damaged copy will be replace but we cannot guarantee that the second copy will be signed by the same editor or author that signed the original copy. 



Although we are making every possible effort to stay within the projected timeframe - to be even ready BEFORE the projected deadlines! - for reasons beyond our control the delivery of the book might delay. We will do our best to avoid any delays, as we, as you, want to see the book published as soon as possible. With your pre-order, you agree to possible variations to the projected timeframe. 



If for some reason you wish to cancel your order, cancellation to the ECOWEEK The Book#1 is possible. Please address your written request to ECOWEEK at book[at]ecoweek.org. A reimbursement of the amount paid will be made. Bank charges may apply. Cancellation canot be made once the pre-ordered copy has been delivered in digital form or hard copy. Cancellations of regular orders (non pre-orders) will be handled by the publisher and/or distributor. 


Questions?  Contact us



Thank you for supporting the ECOWEEK The Book#1 : 50 Voices for Sustainability!


Copyright: ECOWEEK 2017 All rights reserved

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