Join our team for the coming ECOWEEK 15-years exhibition!

15 Years of ECOWEEK | 15 Design Topics | 15 exhibition pavilions

ECOWEEK celebrates its 15-years anniversary with an online exhibition.

Do you want to be part of the curating team and be one of the 15 designers of the online 15-years exhibition?

Join us now!

Connect, train, and work with professionals from around the world in curating the anniversary ECOWEEK exhibition! The exhibition will be the center-piece of the ECOWEEK Online Challenge of September 2020.

Learn about new perspectives in architecture and exhibition curating in the digital era. Don't miss the experience to volunteer with ECOWEEK and the opportunity to have your name posted as designer and curator of the exhibition, in what we expect to be one of the most significant international activities of ECOWEEK.

ECOWEEK is an international NGO, established in 2005, with the mission to promote sustainability through design. ECOWEEK workshops are considered ‘one of the best programs for students in Europe’.

Get to know us more:

To submit your application, please send a CV and a sample of work at :

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 7/7/2020, 7 pm GMT/UTC +3.00

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