2020 Ecoweek Online Meet-up | The results!

It has been now almost a month after the completion of the first ECOWEEK online event. A great team of workshop leaders, consultants and participants have managed to reach impressive results in a short time working together from several locations around the globe. Inspiration, imagination, provocative ideas and new perspectives to old topics create the following amazing collection of proposals. So until next time, dive into our online meet-up results and enjoy the juicy ideas and the fresh concepts!


Value System Game, an introduction to the circular design thinking.

Workshop leader: Lizanne Dirkx.

Workshop coordinator: Margarita Kyanidou.

The workshop tried out the Value System Game, and visualized the processes of a fictional project. The participants searched for smart connections that lead to added value. For example, processes that produce waste and how they can be turned into high-quality resources.

W2. MOR:

From Passive to Net-Positive Design.

Workshop leaders: Aylin Ozcan and Anna Tsagkalou.

Workshop coordinator: Vicky Panagiotidou.

The workshop re-evaluated a private house developed in ECOWEEK 2009 in Greece, and developed strategies to go beyond passive or net-zero house, and reach net positive with regard to energy, water and materials.

W3. Bioregional One Planet Living:

The building of Thermokos.

Workshop leader: Benjamin Gill.

Workshop coordinator: Sofia Passia

The workshop was based on a project developed in ECOWEEK in Prishtina in 2014, the building of Thermokos, an abandoned prefabricated concrete building located in the outskirts of Prishtina in a developing area, focusing on the influence of urban design in lifestyle choices.


Designing in a Circular Pavilion: Upcycling in Design using the Harvest Map.

Workshop leader and coordinator: Margarita Kyanidou.

The workshop further developed the design of a pavilion on Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki at ECOWEEK 2015 by using the Harvest map - an open-source online materials library. The design was based on reused materials, enabling dismantling and reuse of these materials again.


Materials Hunter - A virtual game ‘Materials for a sustainable future’.

Workshop leaders: Dr. Konstantinos Giannakopoulos and Nafsica Mouti.

Workshop coordinator: Eleni Mantika.

The workshop explored the potential of materials through the ​Materials Hunter game - developed through an EU Horizon program - providing understanding of materials composition, use and improvement of recycled content, and focused on innovative design applications.

W6. ECOWEEK: Gardens that Heal, Recycle and Upcycle.

Workshop leaders: Dr. Elias Messinas and Despoina Kouinoglou.

Workshop consultant: Iris Givoli Faiman

The workshop was based on four ECOWEEK projects from various locations - Copenhagen, Bucharest, and Agios Nikolaos, Crete - exploring circular design strategies, creating landscape design that heals and educates, and using recycled construction materials.

ECOWEEK 2020 took place in cooperation with​:

Archisearch, Radio Nowhere, GreenAgenda, Democritus Research Center, Materials Future, One Planet Living, B2Green, Semifind, PolyTexnikaNea, Kataskeves Ktirion.

Hosted by​: ECOWEEK 2020 Online Challenge was hosted on YouTube and the Microsoft Teams platform. IT was coordinated by Pavlos Symianakis.

Organizing team​: Dr. Elias Messinas, Founding Chairman of ECOWEEK, Despoina Kouinoglou ECOWEEK Associate, Margarita Kyanidou, Eleni Mantika, Vicky Panagiotidou, Sofia Passia, and Pavlos Symianakis.

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