1-week Design WorkshopsIntervention & Placemaking in Public Space

Cities in Israel established new housing compounds and new residential neighborhoods in the 50s and 60s for a small country that celebrates its 70th anniversary. Ancient cities, such as Jerusalem and Acre, grew out of their historic boundaries to form new neighborhoods and housing for new immigrants. Today, as the country is growing it aims to meet the needs for a growing population, housing is demolished to give place to residential high-rises, changing living patterns and public space. The integration and activation of community and place in these processes are key to ensure high quality of living and meaningful public spaces.

ECOWEEK invites graduate and undergraduate students of Architecture, Design, and Planning to re-imagine and design the future public space in Israel! (Undergraduate students to have completed at least your 2nd year).

A unique experience to get to know cities in Israel, understand their processes of urban renewal, learn about sustainable design, engage in Placemaking, work in small teams guided by local and international experts, and network with peers from Israel and abroad.

ECOWEEK 2018 is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Israeli Green Building Council, local municipalities, academic institutions and colleges of higher education in Israel and abroad, and with the support, among others, of the Goethe Institute and the Embassy of Norway.

ECOWEEK design workshops are multi-disciplinary and an experiential, intensive and meaningful platform for students to re-imagine public space and make meaningful inter-ventions in real sites and real projects. Participation contributes to the professional and personal development of students, offers networking opportunities, raises awareness for social and environmental sustainability and offers an opportunity to train students and young professionals as leaders for renewal in the public domain.

Send me more information or when registration opens.

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